Faith Communities Unite to Address Emergency Shelter Need

Listen to today’s press conference at which the state of Rhode Island’s leading faith communities are stepping up to address the emergency winter shelter crisis.


The faith leaders will be imploring the various faith communities to assist in raising funds to support the additional winter beds that are needed. Additionally, the Catholic Diocese will be announcing their donation of a building for overflow beds.


Speakers are:

Rabbi Alan Flam (RI Coalition for the Homeless)

Rev. Dr. Charles Barnes (UCC)

Imam Farid Ansari(Muslim American Dawah Center of RI)

Rabbi Peter Stein (RI Board of Rabbis)

Jim Jahnz (Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence)

Reverend Santiago Rodriguez (Gloria Dei Lutheran)

Rev William Zelazny (Unitarian Universalist)

David Coolidge (Associate Chaplain for Muslim Comm)

Rt Rev Gerlayn Wolf (Bishop, Episcopal Diocese RI)

Rev. Dr. Don Anderson (RI State Council of Churches)


go to at 10pm EST


listen on your cell phone by calling 1 (323) 843-6055

or come back anytime after the broadcast to listen to the archive recording on blogtalkradio or find the grace independent feed on iTunes


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