and the city speaks

One of the things that I did not realize was tripping me up in trying to get “the city of love” going was that I was working with a concept and characters that I came up with years ago. Every time I went to try and develop part of it, I would go back to “years ago” and things just didn’t work out.

Now things weren’t working out that well “years ago” either.

But it was in not seeing the connection between the two, the lack of growth in the concept but the growth in me that kept tripping me up.

Once I was able to release my stranglehold on the story and let it evolve to match where I am today, it has begun to flow. Flow all over notecards, whiteboards, spreadsheets, character worksheets, analysis the whole nine yards…and then it began to funnel out onto the paper.

Then came the fear of starting to work with my first form of poetic dialogue. I started learning it in the Demon, then have been playing around with writing “poems within poems” and also there was “the Language of Famine” which involved putting together three people with three poems into one seamless performance.

But to actual sit and make that move, to have one character address another and the response…fear struck.

Backing myself into a corner with a new writer’s group spurred me out of my paralysis to then use my online group of people to start getting feed back on how I was doing.

And it all begins to move forward.

Ugh…today is a busy day and already I am having technical issues. I am trying to remember how I resolved the problem of iDVD working. I know I did it somehow before. Who knows? That and the slow leak in my back tire.

off I go

c.2010. Cassandra Tribe. All Rights Reserved.


About cassandratribe

"There are few artists that can do what Cassandra Tribe does. Whether with her poetry, her videos or her blog, Cassandra examines the truths that most of us can never come close to realizing and shows it for what it is, both beautiful and frightening at the same time. She exposes our inner-most workings like the cross-section of a powerful but flawed machine, our gears and springs, nuts and bolts removed and laid out before us. She is a true artist. Her new video, Requiem for a God, is the latest example of Cassandra's willingness to tear open and examine the very things that make us human. Shooting the film entirely by herself, she also eliminates all the little excuses we come up with to keep us from ourselves and our truth. You see, even when she's not trying to be, Cassandra Tribe is a beacon of truth and humanity in this darkest of worlds." (Michael E. Quigg, The Culture Network, June 2009)
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