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flannel no more

I have been watching the growing dissatisfaction with the flannel nest as the mad kitten has been making this odd circuit throughout the day, trying out different sleeping areas.   It got to be like a game yesterday, I would … Continue reading

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smoke and mirrors

Wikileaks has published over 250,000 US diplomatic cables – some classified, for any one to read. They paint an unsurprising story of the reality of diplomacy and politics. Some of the views expressed in the cables will, shall we say, … Continue reading

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write for rights

Write for Rights – Getting involved with Amnesty International’s Write-a-Thon   I want to extend a special invitation to all of you to please join me on December 1st at 10 pm EST on as I host a special … Continue reading

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this unraveling of what is the common issue that stops “help” from being effective is slowly revealing some interesting things. Its like “help” and “change” get lost as soon as they get started because they get sucked into a vortex … Continue reading

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this is not

the post I started to write, this one is better..even I couldn’t bear the weight of the last one. There are some things turning around in my head that have to do with the idea of “legacy” that I just … Continue reading

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Marvin the Mouse

is living in the house, in the cupboard, with my dishes. Marvin got upset when I closed the door this morning and started rattling pots and pans which woke up the mad kitten in her flannel nest on top of … Continue reading

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holiday grief

I think MK has been signing online and reading things again, after days of complaining about her affection for the nest, she overwhelmed me with being a lovebug all day, and then went back and slept in it. So, we … Continue reading

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there, now that is done, the wordsintofood drive is over and I have to say, for a first time effort we did rather well and much better than expected. Our thanks go out to all of you who participated through … Continue reading

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the confession

I have a friend…well, someone who slides between the role of friend, mentor and pain-in-the-ass in my life and we have known each other for a very long time. A very long time in the old sense of the word, … Continue reading

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I had the unique and totally unexpected opportunity yesterday to sit with someone while they discovered that they were completely deaf in one ear. Its funny how you would think that you would notice, at some point, the imbalance. Like … Continue reading

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