of myths and monsters

I am still trying to get my 15 minute thing done from yesterday šŸ™‚ I just my set the world’s record for having the longest 15 minutes ever, but I am promising myself that I will do it after I post (maybe).

Yesterday did not go as planned. But sort of purposefully, you know what I mean? I left to go do something that was going to take 2 hours of my carefully crafted day. Mid two hours everything changed. The question that arose, not really the question but the opportunity that arose asked the question, would I change to?

Granted, I had plans and all, but I also, realistically in many ways, have a unique flexibility in my schedule. The only thing that would be effected would be my efforts to gain a little stronger financial footing but, you know, I haven’t keeled over yet and I still have a roof over my head – I get by. And I have been squeaking by for months now so…what’s another month?

So I changed to and stayed put. My two hours turned into 7.


I was taught.

I was taught something in about the 5th hour that means more to me then anything.

I was taught that Howard Clinebell was right when he wrote that “the individual is a myth” and the most poisonous myth our modern society and cultures have adopted.Ā  That we have made of man a monster in our efforts to create “individuals.”

I was taught this because I was absolutely shown that we do not come into this world alone, and neither do we leave it alone. Which left me a bit shell shocked because so much of our philosophies our everything is based upon the belief that we start all this absolutely alone.

And that, categorically, is not true.

I also learned yesterday that there are some things I need in my life that I do not have because I did not know I needed them. And, if I need them then I can bet money on the fact that other people need them too.

SO I have been home, cleaning (sort of), getting some work done (sort of) and creating the thing that I wound up trying desperately to find/remember in hour six yesterday.

And….somewhere in hour 3 and 4 I began to write on the city of love again.

With pen and paper.

As it should be.

Hour six and ending on 7 expanded my idea of to what kind of situations one can apply the term “three ring circus.”


c.2010. Cassandra Tribe. All Rights Reserved.


About cassandratribe

"There are few artists that can do what Cassandra Tribe does. Whether with her poetry, her videos or her blog, Cassandra examines the truths that most of us can never come close to realizing and shows it for what it is, both beautiful and frightening at the same time. She exposes our inner-most workings like the cross-section of a powerful but flawed machine, our gears and springs, nuts and bolts removed and laid out before us. She is a true artist. Her new video, Requiem for a God, is the latest example of Cassandra's willingness to tear open and examine the very things that make us human. Shooting the film entirely by herself, she also eliminates all the little excuses we come up with to keep us from ourselves and our truth. You see, even when she's not trying to be, Cassandra Tribe is a beacon of truth and humanity in this darkest of worlds." (Michael E. Quigg, The Culture Network, June 2009)
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