something about a note

Its a funny thing when the EU Justice Commissioner and Fidel Castro say almost the same thing, both of them have equated the deportation of the Roma from France with the actions of the third reich.

Now, that seems strong and France has taken great offense, but there seems to be this note, this memo, memorandum that has not been directly quoted and was not supposed to be seen that somehow made its way into the hands of the Commissioner and moved her from “it’s ok” to “this is horrific.”

And Fidel, it would seem, is beginning to care a little bit about human rights. Then again Cuba is undergoing a really interesting change. There is an indepth thing on the BBC about it that I recm’d you read should you be interested. In essence, they are not “dumping people from their jobs” and this is not (along with some other moves) a sign of democracy and free markets coming to Cuba.

It was the Mexican Independence day. Quite a few cities canceled their celebrations for fear of violence from the drug cartels.

Things change.

But sometimes, the reasons for changing remain the same.

I wrote about it a bit in Disco Vivo and included the quote from Einstein that “the same mind that created the problem cannot fix it.”

Learning to think differently, learning to become a different person is no easy task. We go on and on about the core of a person remaining the same, but is that really true? I am beginning to think that we always possess core elements that can be emphasized or deemphasized as we go. But that a person, their character and nature can evolve greatly. I am beginning to think it is deeply unfair to say to someone that there is something about themselves that cannot evolve…

and I say evolve rather than change because “change” is a scary word for many people and an oft abused one.

When you evolve you remain related to what you were before, but you become different.

You do not always evolve up.

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"There are few artists that can do what Cassandra Tribe does. Whether with her poetry, her videos or her blog, Cassandra examines the truths that most of us can never come close to realizing and shows it for what it is, both beautiful and frightening at the same time. She exposes our inner-most workings like the cross-section of a powerful but flawed machine, our gears and springs, nuts and bolts removed and laid out before us. She is a true artist. Her new video, Requiem for a God, is the latest example of Cassandra's willingness to tear open and examine the very things that make us human. Shooting the film entirely by herself, she also eliminates all the little excuses we come up with to keep us from ourselves and our truth. You see, even when she's not trying to be, Cassandra Tribe is a beacon of truth and humanity in this darkest of worlds." (Michael E. Quigg, The Culture Network, June 2009)
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