fleecy pants

So…..I had a little issue yesterday that sort of preventing me from doing a lot of things.

You see…I have been really busy, my head filled with a thousand things expecially with trying to get the workshop online so I haven’t been paying attention too well when I have gone off to do my normal, automatic, don’t really have to think about it kind of things…..like…..



when I last did laundry my head was all full of Max, Ted, Carol and Bob from the workshop and not on what I was doing and I forgot that I bought the ultra concentrated laundry detergent. Of which you only need a few teaspons, and instead I added it in like it was regular detergent.

And that was all fine and good and no problems, until the other night when I wore my jeans (which I did not dry in a machine but let air dry) to a surprise birthday party.

The party was great. On the walk home though, I noticed that the back of my legs were beginning to burn…I mean, like burn. I really, really did not want to take my pants off and see what was going on.

But I did and I have a chemical reaction/burn all over my legs from the detergent. Everyone keeps asking me, ‘does it itch?’ No, it burns…like you took a quadruple does of Niacin.

So anyway, I spent the night at a friend’s house because I was like…in no condition to keep walking and in the morning, there was no way I was going to put those jeans on and walk home.


said friend lent me a pair of her pants. Fleecey, hip hugging low rider bell bottom pants —-just my style. The mad kitten didn’t even recognize me and hissed and hissed till I picked her up.

Which I blamed on the pants until later that day, after walking down to the pharmacy for more aspirin and hydrocortisone cream I ran into my neighbor and her great dog and the dog bit me. That is when I realized that the chemical reaction has also changed the way I smell.

So…I am like…hiding until it gets better.

While I am hiding, I am reading. A new book with a whole slew of studies and reasearch on life. And it is proving to be very interesting and taking some things that I have long suspected to be true about humanity and culture and giving me actual statistical validation for it.

But I read this book and think, so why are we still doing things this other way?

I will go on and on about that later. Chesterton later, too. Aspirin now.

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