Technically that sort of means “stubborn.” It describes a phrase of music that is repeated without variation, as Edward Lewinsky says, “it creates the cradle of tonality.”

I have no idea who Edward Lewinsky is.

I had no idea what ostinato was until today.

A bit ago I went to a dinner that was very good. The kind of good dinners where you could be eating sheep dip and you wouldn’t notice (but the food was excellent too) because the company at the table was so fine. Not just conversation wise but everything wise. At the last one with this group of people, the woman hosting (and cooking) played the violin. A duet with another woman…who happened to be her teacher…of 15 months…using the Suzuki method.

Imagine that…a group of adults sitting around and one of them gets up to play and no – she is not a professional, she doesn’t have a FB page hawking self made CDs, she is just sharing something that she loves (and shared really, really well).

To do something, to share something simply because it brings you so much joy – and, your effort brings you joy too.

It reminded me of how long it has been since I played an instrument. Much less simply because I enjoyed it.

Its one of the reasons I love riding my bicycle so much, it is something I love, I love the effort of it, the moment when it comes together and you just fly.

I used to play the violin. Not astonishingly well but enough to enjoy myself. And better still, it is something that I can’t really weave into any of my projects. I did it just because I enjoyed it. In playing the violin you either sound like an ass or you sound good. There is no middle ground. I stopped when I moved into the RV and took off around the country.

I started because I was going through some things at the time and in looking around for some DESPERATELY NEEDED RELIEF I came across all these studies about how practicing a stringed musical instrument did something specific and wonderful to your ability to handle emotions. Two weeks later I had a student violin in hand and at the ripe age of 35 or so started to learn.

My dog used to growl when he saw the case come out. I practiced an hour a day. I loved it.

And I forgot about that.

Right before the dinner I found myself looking in all these stores at small instruments from other countries, just feeling the need to have something to play.

And so, today I bought a cheapo violin on ebay and it is winging its way here. I mean, we are talking the $26 variety. But I don’t have to worry about the cave or banging it around. It is a basic student model (and oh yes, it is uber cool and black – you know how looks are everything) and I am scraping together my skate key money to get some rosin and a book.

Phillip Glass, btw, uses ostinato in almost all of his compositions. That repetition that some love and others despise.

Here I am.

It looks like I will be releasing the first creative workshop next week for you all. And I have a few other glorious tidbits about to be released that have been in the works for quite some time.

Oh yes, and here is chapter 6.

What is Wrong with the World

Chapter 6: The Enemies of Property

by GK Chesterton as read by Cassandra Tribe

available in the public domain

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"There are few artists that can do what Cassandra Tribe does. Whether with her poetry, her videos or her blog, Cassandra examines the truths that most of us can never come close to realizing and shows it for what it is, both beautiful and frightening at the same time. She exposes our inner-most workings like the cross-section of a powerful but flawed machine, our gears and springs, nuts and bolts removed and laid out before us. She is a true artist. Her new video, Requiem for a God, is the latest example of Cassandra's willingness to tear open and examine the very things that make us human. Shooting the film entirely by herself, she also eliminates all the little excuses we come up with to keep us from ourselves and our truth. You see, even when she's not trying to be, Cassandra Tribe is a beacon of truth and humanity in this darkest of worlds." (Michael E. Quigg, The Culture Network, June 2009)
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