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did you ever just become…deeply funkified? And you look back and realize that the funkification has been going on for a long while and it is just shocking because you cannot really believe that you existed for so long not … Continue reading

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the mad kitten

is shimmying along the floor, swinging her head back and forth, while simultaneously pushing my shoes along in front of her (the heel balanced on top of her head) and slapping her grubby little paws at the enormous mouth that … Continue reading

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dearest love

Save the date, this will be a two hour show. I will be back later today with more Chesterton and such.

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not one thing but another

Sarah Helen Whitman not Brightman, I had been researching someone named Brightman and that was one too many -mans for my brain. And then my fffffffff key is sticking, not sticking but often not showing up at all. I am … Continue reading

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willy nilly

Even though I am behind in a lot of things, even though I am immediately innundated with things that other people think need to be done “right away.” And that is the thing, when other people are under the impression … Continue reading

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I meant to get another chapter of Chesterton recorded today but ahhhhhhh….the 5 hour nap in the middle of the day really messed with that (hee). Its odd…oh, wait, first off if you missed my return to the Inkwell last … Continue reading

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How to use Odijoo to take my free workshop

Here is a video to explain how to use Odijoo to take my free workshop. Continue reading

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Tonight @ 7 pm EST – Cassandra Tribe on The Inkwell

Tonight at 7pm EST Cassandra Tribe returns to the Inkwell to talk about writing and poetry with host, Nyla Alysia and to answer your questions during the second hour of the show. Continue reading

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the politics of dancing

“My hour of worship is midnight. The moon bright altar flame, I am the hope of forgotten men. God in a world without blame.” (from ‘The Executioner’s Song,’  C. Tribe, c.2010) moon bright altar flame haiku is killing me, but … Continue reading

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in the chamber

I am surprised that I managed to pull of the radio show this am (on haiku) because pretty much since my first cup of coffee my head has been ringing with a new poem called “The Executioner’s Song.” I have … Continue reading

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